Aryan my sunshine concluding part

ThPart V I brought Suraj home civilised his looks With medication and therapies Suraj started recovering He could now understand and with in days he recognised me It was in the month of May 1994 that when Suraj was on his job he was travelling in Delhi and got sunstroke and fell on road , … Continue reading Aryan my sunshine concluding part


Testing time

Part IVa Someone had posted Suraj and mine childhood pic on my site with a phone number I was left dazed and bewildered My mind couldn’t work I fell down Maya called the given number The person on the other side was speaking in regional language and asked to come to his village Dholapur This … Continue reading Testing time

मुझे बड़ी आदत है जोड़ने की

मुझे बड़ी आदत थी जोड़ने की तो बस जोड़ती गई ताउम्र बस जोड़ती ही रही कुछ सपने बुनती ही गई सवाँरती ही गई उम्मीद के रेशमी धागे से ख़्वाबों में क्यारियाँ लगाती ही गई मुझे बड़ी आदत थी जोड़ने की वो टूटे मिट्टी के बर्तनको फिर से संभालना वो सहेज के रखना शायद था या … Continue reading मुझे बड़ी आदत है जोड़ने की