Part III Destiny

Part III
Life crumbled like a house of cards before our eyes,our home squeezed from sprawling bungalow to just one room.My Dadi could not cope with the culture and climate changes and passed away.Still we started gathering our threads and stood straight in the face of destiny.Me and Suraj finished our schooling then graduated
We desperately needed jobs to help dad as his income could not meet the demands
We decided to try our luck in Delhi and one fine day we left home in search of greener pastures,Mother asked us both to take care of each other.We took a small room on rent in Delhi,we would appear for all sort of interviews in the day and study at night.
Life was very hard there with extreme climates which were unknown to us and our shoe string budget made us walk miles and miles on foot
But still we both managed to get jobs
We would leave in the morning and come by night cook and find solace in each other’s company
One fine day we both left for our jobs I came by 7 prepared the dinner and started waiting for Suraj but he didn’t come I looked for him everywhere but with no results, I screamed i cried but he was nowhere to listen All attempt to search him turned futile i was wretched devastated and returned to parents to break the news

Father couldn’t survive this blow he breathed his last longing for Suraj
Mother lost her senility
And I was getting trapped in the guilt

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